Permanently updated information system of wages, salaries and benefits of the remuneration market in Mexico.

System that allows the organization to be transparent according to the value that each position acquires based on its content. As well, it allows to design the internal pay scale of the company and compare it against the market.

System designed especially for SMEs, with clear information, easy to use on market behavior, in terms of base salary, compensated salary, guaranteed and non-guaranteed benefits and services.

One of the most important factors to attract and motivate talent is to have a good working environment, considering its high impact and weight in the decision of feeling part of the company.

The diagnosis of processes, their interpretation and the analysis of improvement opportunities, combined to eliminate lost times and fatigue and generate optimization in productivity and consequently in competitiveness.

As result they give the company specific information about the environment that affects in terms of remuneration and/or certain positions in particular, the policies, factors of distinction in the compensation, as well as helping confirm the company’s competitive position.

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We are a Mexican company of international quality, experts in national market, committed to the development of Mexico, accompanying our clients in their challenges for more than 30 years.

We are recognized for having the most agile, up-to-date and versatile study of the market in personnel compensation surveys.

We believe in Human Talent as the main engine of the company, making it transcend through the welfare of people. We see and act beyond numbers, processes and systems. We are always close in service attitude, with objectivity and reliability, with innovation and technology and with the backup of our experience. Due to that we are the difference; we build solutions according to the vision of the future.


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Capitalizing companies' human talent

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