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The courses offered by Productivity Systems are highly directed to the domain of areas of knowledge and experience related to the Administration of Remuneration and are taught in the form of a Workshop. They are practical exercises related to real life of the companies´ participants and their acquired experience, so that the information learned is linked to the exchange of experiences among the participants and from there the topics of interest are generated to apply in real life.


1. Job descriptions management.
2. Administration of a job valuing system.
3. How to analyze and design a pay scale for the company?
4. How to handle benefits in their legal, fiscal and administrative environment?
5. How to interpret salary market studies?
6. Emotional compensation: its application and validation.
7. The best practices to achieve work-life balance.
8. Practices of performance evaluations.
9. Application of studies on the level of satisfaction with the company’s remuneration.
10. What are the trends in remuneration before the multi-generational structure?

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success cases


We have evidence that when a company needs someone in the compensations area those who in their CV indicate that they have received training in this concept from Productivity Systems have preference.

The absolute majority of the personnel graduated from Productivity Systems is now in better positions in large companies and in processes of constant improvement.


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