employee engagement trends

The commitment of employers is a concept that has gained more strength in recent years, especially in the attention and relevance thath the employer dedicates to the needs of its employees.

This year trends in employee engagement have evolved along with the needs of the staff.

  1. Benefits increase

It’s about taking into account the new needs that aise in the population. For example, providing support for health (mental and physical) due to de pandemic.

  1. Personalized communication with staff

Accordin to Talk Freely, a flexible and adaptable model is needed, where opennes to personalized messages between employee and employer is planned.

Culture People First

The key to having a functional system is prioritizing staff. A worker who feels part of the company, who feels appreciated, and cared for by it, Will respond reciprocally.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion

Having a team with a variety of senses, topics of interest not previously contemplated and innovative ideas will come to the table, as long as it is clear that this couldn’t be posible if an inclusive behavior that allows the exchange of ideas is not adopted.

  1. Emphatic approach

Showing an authentic approach towards the staff to achieve much higher levels of communication, and thus improve the quality of work, the work environment and individual and team performance.

  1. 360° Feedback

When feedback is given, it’s posible for the staff to obtain nutritious comments that enrich their work, id addition to creating a self-knowledge of the company that becomes highly beneficial.

  1. Provide growth opportunities

Although this proposal is not exactly new, it has favored new levels of loyalty, especially when applied for results-oriented team and/or area bonuses base don the company’s objectives.

What we know is that when the staff feels they are part of the organization and feels capable of developing and growing hand to hand with the company based on its recognized results, the commitment is noticeably.



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