Special studies

Special salary studies and job descriptions

The special salary studies have the result of giving the company specific information about the environment that affects it in terms of remuneration and its modalities to define policies, distinguishing factors, as well as to confirm the competitive position.

The study is linked to results on job description, valuation of the same, alignment of positions and definition of both current and projected tabulation to define retention and development strategies.

They apply the studies to particular objectives such as knowing how remuneration is being made in a certain region, to certain specific positions, to certain benefit management strategies, to recognition modalities, to turnover factors, to lack of base or qualified talent and to solutions. that others implement.


Estudios Especiales

Projects designed according to the needs of each company, group of companies or specific industry.

Professionalism backed by more than 30 years of experience.

Experience in a wide variety of lines and sizes of companies.

Studies supported by own methodologies and computer systems.

Practical, concrete and agile projects.


We are leaders in organizational transformation and in productivity and competitiveness solutions.

Hablemos de números
Advice from an expert in remuneration, personnel valuation and knowledge of organizational structures for decision-making.
Reliable and reliable information.
Knowledge of how the national and local market behaves.
Understanding of internal indicators at the market level.
Increased competitiveness.
Knowledge of the movement of the compensation market.
Reduction of staff turnover.
Acquisition of tools and information for informed and agile decision making.
Information on direct competition.

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We have had evidence that when a company needs someone in the compensation area, it gives special priority to those who in their CV indicate that they have received training in this concept from Productivity Systems. The absolute majority of Productivity Systems graduates are now in better positions in large companies and in constant improvement processes.