Labor Practices Of Inclusive Companies

labor practices of inclusives companies

At present, various organizations and movements have been in charge of giving a more inclusive and healthy reality for th LGBTQ+ community, however, the fight isn’t over yet.

Even today, homophobic violence is still present, sadly, especially when we talk about work environments.

According to the survey “Survey on diversity and LGBTQ+ talent in Mexico of Alliance and labor inclusion (ADIL)” the public servants of the community are the ones that experience the least inclusion regarding their sexuality.

According to the National survey on Homophobia and the World of Work in Mexico, around 35% of LGBTQ+ employees have suffered discrimination and 20% resign.

LGBTQ+ Good practices

  • Labor equality and non-discrimination protocols, as well as developing inclusion policies, such as:
    • Selection and recruitment processes without gender prferences
    • Zero tolerance for incidentes of discrimination based on sexual identity
    • Fair and equitable compensation packages, among other policies.
  • Programs to promote an inclusive culture: organize workshops and talks given by experts on issues of awareness and non-discrimination, in addition to creating information campaigns on issues of diversity and inclusion.
  • Creation of an inclusion committee and complaint channels: have clear and open complaint channels for all collaborators, and have protocols for monitoring, attention and sanctioning of cases of violence and discrimination.
  • Equivalent benefits: include benefits such as health, life insurance or retirement for couples from the LGBTQ+ community that are equivalent to those of heterosexual families.

Experts say that the sector most affected is that of transsexual people.



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