Representative sampling

  • Wide range of positions, executives and operators.
  • Diversity of sectors at the local, regional and national levels.
  • Permanently updated.
  • Reliable and truthful information.
  • Strict handling of confidential information.
  • Permanent specialized service throughout the validity of the membership in matters of remuneration and use of the platform.
  • Accompaniment in the use and analysis of information.
  • Access to newsletters and Networking sessions.


Permanent specialized service

  • Specialized remuneration advice.
  • Support in the use and analysis of the information.
  • Specialized support throughout the validity of the membership.
  • Newsletters.
  • Networking sessions.


Safe, agile and friendly software.

  • Online availability 24/7.



Daily compensation market information.

True and reliable information.

Relations with other companies.

Power to compare with the local and national market.

Provides basic information for decision making.

Knowledge on market competitiveness.

Allows you to establish competitive salaries with well-founded arguments.

Timely indicators.

Extensive and complete information by regions, industries, sizes, segments, posts, etc.

Salary Increase, Bonuses, Promotions, Benefits, Etc.


remunera pro


the key to my productivity

success cases


CLAUGTO – Guanajuato Automotive Cluster

When the remuneration market was confusing and sometimes chaotic, the companies of the Automotive Cluster of Guanajuato looked for a tool that would help them have the market in peace.

A client of several years recommended us and we made a presentation of our survey system, called REMUNERA PRO. They were struck by the characteristics of the system, the agility of their reports and that the information was constantly updated. A significant number of Cluster associates joined and has served for almost 5 years.



The Industrial Relations Association of the state of Jalisco considers Productivity Systems as a solid, reliable y respected Consulting Firm thanks to their survey  REMUNERA PRO. It has also invited Productivity Systems to participate in their Conferences and Special Events as conference speakers participanting along International Firms.



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