Information about Wages and Salaries for SME

A system specially designed for SME companies with clear, easy-to-use information on the behavior of the market of Small and Medium-sized companies in terms of base salary, compensated salary, guaranteed and non-guaranteed benefits, services and benefits.

With high utility for SME as it can be compared with companies of the same size.


Remunera Pyme

100% online platform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Quick and easy to answer survey.

Ease of importing your template to the system.

Guaranteed and non-guaranteed benefits, benefits and services.

Strict confidential handling of your information.


Employment tabulator
Simple and easy to interpret reports.
Catalog with more than 200 posts.
Reliable and truthful information.
Information on benefits, services and benefits presented in more than 70 different graphs.
Unlimited specialized support during the term of your membership.
Access to bimonthly newsletters on labor and economic trends.
2 access codes for the company.
Permanently updated information during the validity of the membership
Decrease the turnover and absenteeism rates knowing how your positions are paid in the market.

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COPARMEX – Jalisco

In alliance with COPARMEX JALISCO, we launched the Remunera Pyme platform to bring all its benefits and benefits to small and medium-sized companies. The system was launched in July 2018 with great acceptance by the business community and to date our sample continues to grow. The expectation is to have the participation of at least 100 by the end of this year.

Coparmex Jalisco