External competitivity

Evaluation of internal and market salaries

An online system that allows the organization to be transparent according to the value that each position acquires based on its content and impact, which allows validating internal equity in the administration of remuneration, as well as designing the company’s internal tabulator and comparing it against the market to make decisions of a fair and correct alignment and to know the impact of doing so on the value of the payroll.



Automated platform for the Valuation of the positions according to their content and impact, as well as the profile that the position demands

Availability 24/7

Ease of importing the entire organizational structure of the company into the system in a simple and agile way.

Permanent specialized advice and support, in matters of alignment, remuneration and valuation of positions, as well as the cost of alignment and its projection according to company policies.

Training in the use of the tool.


Valuation to recognize the contribution of each position

Employment tabulator
Helps to identify the level and value in quantitative form of each position in an informed way
Support for compensation management: internal tabulator, comparison of tabulator vs market, cost of equity alignment, position of each occupant in the internal and market tabulator.
It allows to determine salary tabulators to assign fair and competitive salaries.
Facilitates internal and external equity in remuneration.
It brings improvement and clarity to the position structure within the organization.
Aligns the levels of the organization internally and with the Market.
It gives a broader vision of aspects to consider in the structure of salaries.
Objective basis for determining positions fairly.
Talent retention support.
It helps to facilitate and professionalize the HR area.

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