Methodology that adapts to the needs of each company, regardless of size and / or industry.


Advice and permanent specialized support, in matters of remuneration and position valuations.


Key recommendations according to the results of their valuation.


Online platform with 24/7 availability.


Personal Training.


Easy to upload the company´s organizational structure to the system.



Creates, improves and clarifies the position structure within the organization.

Aligns the levels of the organization internally and with the market.

Broader view of aspects to be considered in the salaries structure.

Objective base for determining positions in a fair manner.

Helps identify the level and value of each position in a well-founded manner.

Determines pay scales to assign fair and competitive salaries.

Facilitates internal and external equity in remuneration.

Talent retention support.

More value to the staff's work and talent.

Helps detonate leaders who feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Facilitates the increase of personnel.

Provides methodology and standardization in the company’s internal processes.

Remuneration Management Support, Internal pay scale, Internal pay scale vs. market pay scale, position of each occupant in the internal payscale and market.

Helps professionalize the HR area.



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