For our clients


1. Provide experience, vision and information to our clients as their strategic ally to grow based on talent.
2. Generate confidence and professional support, taking as a tool the strategic knowledge of the remuneration market.
3. Offer studies, information and agile and practical online systems for decision making and talent management.


For our employees


1. Offer a quality level of work life that exceeds the expectations of employees and other job offers.
2. Offer a life project that meets the needs of employees in terms of work-life balance.
3. Ensure an economic and emotional remuneration system that adapts to the expectations of the staff.
4. Maintain a cheerful, respectful and productive work environment.


We live passionately for

  • Being a step ahead.
  • Going an extra mile.
  • Knowing that there is always a way to help each other and our clients.
  • An attitude of respect.
  • Teamwork
  • Respecting our clients.
  • The commitment to make our dreams and our clients´ come true.
  • Contribute to our community to raise the living standard and respect for their dignity and their human rights.

Productivity Systems' Values


• Our clients and staff are our first value.
• We work and act thinking about the success of our client companies´ staff based on the talent that makes them possible.
• Honesty is the guiding principle of our values.
• We are encouraged every day by the value of transcending the impact of our work.
• The balance of personal and professional life is our permanent concern.


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